Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thank God For the Pain in My Toes

We have just been listening to the speech Joni Eareckson Tada gave at the Desiring God National Conference. It was on suffering, bearing our cross, and not grumbling but having hope. What an excellent message! I fully recommend everyone who is able to listen to this.
After listening, I jumped up to go do something, but I bumped my foot by mistake. "Ow," I thought. "How stupid of me." Then it occured to me that I could feel my toes and Mrs. Tada could not. "Thank you God for the pain in my toes." I laughed.
Before I heard her speech, I had been grumbling because I was behind in my schoolwork (my own laziness, by the way) and I had a ton of homework to do and lots of college things I had to look up. Thank God, He knew what I needed. So, thank you God that I live in America with lots of books I can study, a brain that can take in knowledge, for toes to feel pain, and that You have even forgiven my laziness though I do not deserve it.