Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Kirk!!!

Happy 18th Birthday Kirk!!!!
I love you!!!

I hope you have a lovely day. I'm not very good at saying sentimental things, so I won't try. Can you please hurry with the book I gave you? It looks exciting and I can't wait to finish it.
Your sweet sister,
Alright, now you can get on the computer.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Hey everyone! I'm sorry there has been no new post lately. We have been kind of busy. This week I've been frantically studying for the SAT that I'm taking on Saturday. So, I was wondering if maybe you could all pray for me. I'm a little bit nervous about it particularly the essay as I'm not very good about writing things in a limited space of time.

On a side-note. My Mum found that she had got tagged by her clone. That was kind of weird.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Hurrah! Jo finally posted her article on Bach.
You can read it here.
Better get working on your next one, Jo. ;-)

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Two Sisters have made it to Spunky Junior's blog roll. I have to put it down to Spunky Jr.'s pity for us poor silly sisters because clearly our blog is not worth reading yet. It is certainly not due to my wittiness.
Anyway, now that we are there, I thought I had better explain why my nickname is "Kirk" so as to cause less confusion (it is, after all, generally considered a boy's name). It started with the pickles, I believe. I loved pickles. I still do. And when I was younger (like three or so), I was particularily fond of Gerkin pickles. So my aunt called me "Kerkin McGerkin" (I was very young then). That was part of it. The other part came from the fact that my name was Kirsten, and how do you shorten a name like that? So my friends and Jo called me "Kirky". The y was dropped in the course of time.
So, if you happen to see Kirk in the blogosphere, please do not mistake me.