Thursday, June 28, 2007

There is a most interesting little bug on some books in front of me. He keeps opening his wings up quite wide and then closing them again quickly.
He is all dressed in black and has two long feelers that stick out comically from the sides of his head. When he is facing me straight on, I realize how flat he is. His body is thin with his six legs coming out on either side of it. His head is like a little ball, tiny in comparison to the rest of his body. I cannot quite tell for sure, but I think there is a little brown spot just under his head on both sides. He appears to be some sort of beetle species because he has two long wing cases down his back that meet in the middle of his body.
He has been sitting here still while I have been typing. Perhaps he knows I am trying to describe him and is staying still so I might look at him better. Now he is beginning to move again. I suppose that means this description is over.

Now he is gone.

Johanna's 18th Birthday!

Happy 18th Birthday Johanna!

I hope you have a wonderful year.
Don't forget to register to vote!

P. S. Sorry this is three days late!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

nothing at all of interest to you (don't bother reading this post)

So, I got tagged....

Seven random facts about me that you might not know.
1) This is the first time I've ever gotten tagged in my life (that I know of anyway).

2) I can't get RPI Scheduler to work

3) my sister just figured out my password

4) so I changed it

5) I installed Ubuntu on my dad's old laptop

6) and I'm quite pleased with myself

7) I'm really happy that school is done

That's it. Not very exciting. I always thought it would be fun to do one of these things but they are harder than they look. Now I'm supposed to tag 7 Laura, and mum......... I don't think I know 7 people that read this blog....

So, if you read this blog, and I didn't tag you, please consider yourself tagged.