Thursday, December 13, 2007

After nearly four hours of studying physics:

I don't really have any common sense. I only use equations.

Which is why I always fail these exams, and I have to wait until four in the morning to finish the homework. It finally makes sense then because I've stopped trying to use equations.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Soooup of the Eeeevening

Beauuutiful sooooup!

(and biscuits too)

I made a delicious smelling soup for dinner tonight. I hope it tastes as good as it has been smelling.

I took out frozen chicken pieces from our freezer at ten this morning. Then I let them thaw a little while I finely chopped onions, peeled potatoes, and carrots. At eleven, I put the chicken into a large soup pot and turned the heat on. I poured a wee bit of oil in to keep the chicken from sticking too much. After all sides were nicely cooked (the inside was still pink, however) I turned the heat off.

Then I pulled out a glass measuring cup, the kind that measures two cups at once and all in-between on the sides, except I think this one only holds one cup. Oh yes, it is called a liquid measuring cup. But I put flour in it first. Then I slowly dribbled a little water in and stirred it. I continued to do so, adding only a little water at a time. Soon I had a thick sauce. I poured this over my chicken in the pot.

Next, I sprinkled in a lot of different spices and seasonings: Bell's seasoning, parsley flakes, dried basil, dried oregano, a pinch of ground pepper, and some garlic powder. Then I threw in the vegetables I had cut up previously. I filled my liquid measuring cup up with hot water and slowly added it to the pot while stirring the mixture inside. I continued to add water until I thought the soup was high enough and soup-like enough.

It has been simmering on and off all afternoon.
I will be serving it soon with biscuits.

I need a new topic

Hurrah for rabbits and foxes!
They make such nice predator-prey equations that we can solve using various differential equation methods.
They tell us that the foxes eat the rabbits so the rabbit population decreases.
But when there are no rabbits, the fox population decreases.
So the foxes decrease exponentially and the rabbits increase exponentially and they form a cyclical graph.
And that was the end of my class. There are no more differential equations for this semester.

Wind Near My Ear

You see,
To me,
To be
A bear
With hair
Covering me
Sounds heavenly
When I hear
Wind near
My ear.