Monday, December 05, 2005

A Question

Here is a controversial question:
Should women be in roles of leadership? Or more inportantly, should women be pastors? Can you use scripture to support your answer?

Its just something I was wondering. Please use the comment section to answer.


Unconformed said...

Hi Jo, this is Hannah (the other girl who got confused about cheating on the Rebelution.:-) Now you have a reader!
In answer to your question:
No. Women should not be in a pastoral leadership role. I believe that if the audience is enirely female, it's okay for a woman to preach/teach. But for a man to be under a woman's preaching is directly against scripture. See 1 Cor. 14:33b-35, and 1 Tim. 2:8-15.

Lindsey said...

Nope. I agree with Hannah, women should definitely not be in leadership. It's isn't their place. My biblical references are the same as Hannah's- especially 1 Corinithians 14. :)

Jo said...

Part of the reason why I asked the question is because my family went to a wedding on Sunday that was done be a woman pastor. It bothered me and I wondered what other people thought. My family doesn't think that women should be pastors. Thank you Hannah and Lindsey for commenting.

Unconformed said...

yup. i'm part of a worship dance troupe and this one church we danced at had a woman pastor, and all the rest of the leadership of the church was male, and i was just sick seeing those poor men failing to lead properly, and even more disgusted with the lady for allowing them to let her lead. BACKWARDS!!!
Jo and Kirk, y'all sound like myself and my close friend...we'll correct each other's spelling, grammar, history--you name it we "argue" about it and people think we're strange....but we love it. you could be praying that my relationship with my younger sister grows to be like your relationship. that would be wonderful! :-)
oh, and long essays are the norm for me....but long posts aren't!

Sherrin said...

I agree with the others who have posted. I used to think it was OK for women to be pastors, but then I grew to understand God's word more and I realised I'd been very wrong! The reasons people have given me for why they think it is OK are very problematic, and not supported in scripture.