Monday, May 01, 2006

Binding of the Blade

Yes! It's out! The third book is out!
Shadows of the Deep, the third in the Binding of the Blade series is out. And a fourth is to come in eleven months, according to the Jollyblogger.
We've got four anxious readers in our family, so we'll be getting two copies.
Beyond the Summerland is the first in this series. Jo and I actually read the second book first, but you should really start with this one. There are just enough strange names to let you know you are reading of some other world, but not so much as to leave you hopelessly lost. It is serious and exciting with out the intensity of The Lord of the Rings (my eight year old brother has read both books).
Bringer of Storms is the second book. This one switches alot in viewpoint, but it is pretty clear when it happens (unlike some books I've read).
So as I can't think what else to say, I'll let Jo post her two cents.

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