Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday Vocabulary - Fissiparous

Hello! It's been a bit since I last posted. I've been trying to keep up in school. Here is my post for today.

I was reading The Pilgrim's Regress By C. S. Lewis last night in a chapter entitled "The Black Hole" where the main character asks the guide why the Landlord made the black hole if he was so good. I came upon this paragraph:
'The Landlord does not make the blackness. The blackness is there already wherever the taste of mountain-apple has created the vermiculate will. What do you mean by a hole? Something that ends. A black hole is blackness enclosed, limited. And in that sense the Landlord has made the black hole. He has put into the world a Worst Thing. But evil of itself would never reach a worst: for evil is fissiparous and could never in a thousand eternities find any way to arrest its own reproduction. If it could, it would be no longer evil: for Form and Limit belong to the good. The walls of the black hole are the tourniquet on the wound through which the lost soul else would bleed to a death she never reached. It is the Landlord's last service to those who will let him do nothing better for them.'

The Pilgrim's Regress: Book Ten: Chapter 4

When I got to the word fissiparous, I thought "I wonder what that means?" So I thought I would look it up and use it for Friday Vocabulary.

Fissiparous means to reproduce by fission. Fission is something that various simple plants and animals do in which the parent divides in two or more parts and each part becomes an independent individual. It also means to break up into parts or to split apart.

Well that is all for today. See you on Monday!


Kirk said...

Hey Jo, I really liked the way you did this vocabulary. You should do this more often - write a paragraph from a book and highlight a word to define.

Homemanager said...

I agree with Kirk. Very nicely done... :o)

Jo said...

Thanks!! I thought it was nicely done myself!;)

Homemanager said...

;^D Josie!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I absolutely love the vocabulary and quote feature things you have here, that's not something you see often.

I've linked her for awhile, but haven't visited much, but I really like your style, so I'll be back more often! =)