Monday, July 23, 2007

Spinach Pasta Stuff

So I made this stuff the other day and mum and dad said I needed to post it. So here it is:

This is what you will need:
1 pound on some sort of smallish pasta like orzo, or shells or something like that, cooked according to package instructions.
2 cloves of garlic minced nicely
1 package of frozen (or fresh) spinach cooked
1 container of ricotta cheese. I didn't use the whole container nor did I measure how much I used. You will have to use as much as you want.
1 chunk of Montary Jack cheese grated.

Mix all the ingredients together in any order you wish. Serve cold or hot with salt and pepper.

Thats it. Next time I make it I will take a picture with my new camera.


Kirk said...

Interesting. I thought I had all the ingredients right when I was trying to remember what you put in.

Homemanager said...

"stuff" about Spinach Pasta Salad? or Spinach and Pasta or Spinach Pasta with Cheese....
Also, I thought there were other herbs in it...
*note: it is Monterey Jack instead of Montary Jack. :-)
Love you,

Sheila said...

Your recipie sounds yummy, looks like Homemanager is your Mum, wow not too nice to correct you on your own blog! Just as an FYI I don't think that anyone cares if you misspelled the cheese name!