Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Quote of Wednesday

Oh my goodness! I just remembered today was Wednesday and I had to post my quote for today!
Except, I don't have a quote for today.
Hang on, I will find one...

Okay, I walked into the kitchen and saw this written on our white board:
Ponder the zucchini.

Actually, we chopped up the zucchini last night, so it is no longer ponderable, but before we did, we named it Zeke. Zeke was the largest zucchini we had ever seen and was one of the first out of Melanie & Laura's family's garden (roommates of mine). Zeke will taste good in zucchini bread.


Homemanager said...

Kirk! You are too funny! :-D Zeke the Zucchini..."ponder the zucchini" who wrote that?...oh my...:-D

Kirk said...

Melanie wrote that actually. And she gave him his name, but Laura (Fuzzy) gave him his face.

Homemanager said...

Ha! It had a face!!!! :-D Oh, guys really are stressed out. LOL!