Monday, October 22, 2007


Jo wants to sleep. I know this because she has told me so several times already this evening and suggested it as a topic for a post when I asked her for one.
I think she wants to sleep because she went to bed after twelve last night and had to wake at six-thirty.

Sleep is an important thing to talk about anyway. As a college student, I see the consequences of the lack thereof far too clearly. Too many friends think they can get by with very little sleep. They even pray that they will be able to function on less sleep so they can get everything done that they need to. I have a solution to that problem that does not involve less sleep. Do less. Really, that is what most of them need to hear (and follow).

I was telling my dad that I felt all my days and evenings were spent studying and when I was finally done, I stayed up late so I could get a little bit of fun stuff in. But I felt I had to cut into my sleep to do all this. He said it was similar to make a financial budget. After budgeting everything you think of some fun things you'd like to do as well. So you look to see where you can fit it in. You can't so you say, "Well, I suppose we could not eat..."
It puts a different perspective on things.

Another thing is that not sleeping is a form of pride. If you are not sleeping, you are not admitting that God made you human with a need to sleep. You are trying to be like God who does not sleep. So that is not a good thing either.

If you don't get sleep, you are more liable to get sick as my friend who slept only one hour a week ago did. She is dropping all sorts of things and not doing too well and she isn't getting the sleep she needs. At least, she wasn't. I believe she has realized her need for sleep after getting sick. But it is best to not get sick to realize such a thing.

Another thing that happens if you do not get enough sleep is that you fall asleep in classes. That is not always the best thing especially if you are having trouble understanding the content anyways or if you have been trying to impress the professor with your wide-awake awareness during class.

Anyway, I must work on some homework now while it is still fairly early in the evening. Then I can get some much needed sleep.


Elly said...

The Bible also says that sleep is a gift from God; you wouldn't say to a friend, "No, thanks, I don't want your gift. I'd rather try to do with out it," if they happened to bring you the food you were needing. Not only would it not be wise, it would be silly to go with out food, and thus it is just as silly to not sleep.
Great post, Kirk! I like the picture, by the way! :-P

Homemanager said...

A very excellent post, picture and everything!
Now, Kirk, are you indeed sleeping as much you need to? :-)


~Lauraborialice said...

good, you go to sleep, and finish that homework.. :-)