Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Memorizing and a Women's Conference

This past Saturday, Jo and I went with our mum to a women's conference. The topic was knowing the heart of God.

The speaker, Mrs. Pope, emphasized the importance of getting into the word of God. To know the heart of God, one must read His word for it is there that He has chosen to reveal Himself. To have the heart of God, one must meditate on and obey these words. Mrs. Pope mentioned five changes in one's life which came from knowing and having the heart of God and which I list as follows:
1. Your attitude towards God will change. His words will become sweet, and your time with God will not be a chore.
2. Your relationship with God will change. He will be your treasure and your all in all.
3. Your heart for others will change. You will consider your neighbors and friends more highly than yourself.
4. Your heart for the world will change. You will have a passion for world missions to bring others into the kingdom of God.
5. Your prayer life will change. Your prayers will reflect God's desires and not your own.
Of course, these changes will never be finished while we are still in these sinful bodies, but the process of change shall go on day by day.

One of the best ways to know the Scripture is by memorization. Mrs. Pope gave some tips to memorize Scripture more effectively, based on her own experience (memorizing over a hundred chapters of Scripture). She recommended getting a small ringed notebook of 3" by 5" index cards and writing the portion of Scripture you are going to memorize on them. You can carry it with you throughout the day and look over the verses, say them to yourself, and meditate on them. It is important to recite those verses you have already memorized over and over again, while you dress, while you do your chores, and while you wait for things, so they will be kept fresh in your mind. Jo and I have adopted this method for our own. As an encouragement, I have been so blessed by this constant placing of God's word before me in the few days I have worked on it.

All in all, this was a most excellent conference which, by the grace of God, has spurred me on in my walk with Him.

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Homemanager said...

You did a good job reporting on the conference. I'm glad that you were spurred on in your walk. The Lord is good!
Love you,