Monday, July 10, 2006

First Round of Poems

I can't find my youngest sister's poem, so I have only six.

The poems are from youngest to oldest.

Joe's Poem (age 8)

"Charlie had a book of theology.
Charlie had a running chalkboard.
Methodology is the same thing as a tableleg.
God's word is the sword of the spirit.
flaxy seed is the same thing as plexiglass."

It was supposed to rhyme, Joe.

Elle's Poem (age 12)

"I was in a race! I was running!
I was being, oh, so cunning!
I could feel against my chest, the flapping of my chalkboard,
That hung by a thin, red cord.
Why I took my chalkboard, spelled upon it a word,
I don't know; but how could I be so absurd!
It gave me extra weight, making my leg feel like a tableleg
One that was losing a peg!
I was definetly not as happy as a lark,
By the end of the race, no! I felt almost like a shark!"

Jo's Poem (age 17)

"There once was a boy named Charlie
Who lived in a field of barley
He liked to go running,
He was very cunning
And loved his home in the barley

"There was a man who liked to hoard
He lived in a town called chalkboard
He found some plexiglass
and hid it in a crevasse
Then went back home in Chalkboard"

Note: All misspelled words and punctuation are from the actual poems.

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