Monday, July 10, 2006

Second Round of Poems

These are the last three poems of the six.

Kirk's Poem (age 18)

"Charlie was running
Through words on the chalkboard
When a quiet humming
Disturbed his careful methodology.

"He could concentrate no longer
When he reached the word 'Plexiglass'
The humming became louder
'Noelle!' Charlie shouted.

"'Stop humming,' he pleaded;
'I am studying theology!'
'You can hum somewhere else,' he conceded,
'but not where it will cut my thoughts.'

"Noelle calmly replied, with a smirk,
'I have essayed to be silent,
but the sound will quadruple with each quirk!'
She kicked the tableleg hard.

"'Shark!' yelled Charlie.
He chased her from the room."

Mum's Poem

"Charlie was running to the chalkboard
to write upon it a sum
But as he went he tripped over a cord.
Quiet! said the teacher to him.
Your methodology is flawed,
if you utter a word."

Dad's Poem

"Charlie, running fingers on the chalkboard,
quiet, a certain methodology
for when a word escapes the hoard
of his mind.
Softly, slowly, his thoughts begins to clear,
and as water, or plexiglas,
a shout of joy, no fear,
a sound thoelogy!"

Dad, if this wasn't for a game, it would be one of those abstract poems one has to study in literature. You know, the "what does the author mean?" sort of questions and stuff.


pete said...

Hey guys! I haven't heard from you in a while! Come back! :)

Jo said...

Hey Pete! Thanks for stopping by!!
Don't worry.:) We're coming back! :)