Thursday, January 04, 2007

Poem Game 2

Here are the rest of the poems we wrote during the poem game.

Joel's poem is first:

Mr. Pare was looking in his dictionary,
He was looking the word "Hairy",
When suddenly his lunch got stale,
And he began to fiddle with a
pine cone, and then began to sew,
without a thimble,
He pretended that he was driving his car,
or was being condemned

I had some trouble reading Joel's handwriting, but I think I got it all. He gets really silly when we play this game.

The next one is mine:

It was unintentional
And very un-understandable
(Is that in the dictionary?)
An accident that nary
a person could repeat.

Somehow the strange old fiddle
With its worm-eaten middle
Was dragged form a box
With a stale smell and engraved fox
to accompany the pine cone fire.

An odor of hazelnut coffee
Mingles with the scent of pine tree
While the fiddle plays madly
Like a music box that's sadly
and terribly out of tune

After being woken by the sound
A bear begins charging around
And smashes Joel's red car,
Recently guaranteed to be up to par
with inspection regulations.

The guests had to leave by sleigh.

All my poems always have a story in them. Mostly they end up that way by accident.

This last one is my dad's:

It was completely unintentional,
the dictionary was rather stale,
so he made a fiddle from a pine cone,
and played it on the phone.

Very hungry - have a hazelnut?
We'll play the fiddle with a thimble.
Still hungry - orange next?
Set the music box on the table.

There's a bear on the car -
it's squashed now, guaranteed.
Don't eat the starfish! it's not far -
We'll ride the sleigh and hitch the steed.

Have some milk - it has calcium.
With the fiddle playing, a drink for a queen.

Dad said a poem written with this list of words would have to be post-modern. Also he was unsure how to fit condemned and coating in to his poem, but he had all the other words. Yes, hungry-orange was one of the words on the list.

Annie did not know quite what to do in the first round, so she just wrote down the list again.

That's the end of the first poem game. I'm trying to decide whether or not to post the poems from the second game we played.

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