Monday, February 26, 2007


You know what? I have found some equations I absolutely love.

You think I'm crazy, I know, but I really do like these equations.
There are two I am thinking of at the moment. The speed of sound equation
and the velocity equation that uses the speed of sound and the Mach number.

The speed of sound equation is this:
a = √γRT
The flow velocity equation is this:
V = Ma

Aren't they so cool?

γ is a Greek letter called gamma. It has different numerical values based on what fluid you are calculating the speed of sound in. For air, this is 1.4.
R is the gas constant. For air, this is something like 287 J/kg/K.
T is the temperature of the fluid.

M is called the Mach number. It is an important number in aerodynamics. You can find it easily if you know the flow velocity. It is V/a. If you know M, you can find the flow velocity.
The flow velocity is the velocity at which the fluid is moving at a particular point in a flow.
A flow is pretty obviously a bunch of moving fluid.

So now you know the two equations I am in love with at the moment. They are beautiful, simple equations.

And I know I wasn't studying too long last night.

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~Laura~ said...

Well, I don't know all those equations.. But how is your family doing you two??? I hope you all get better....