Friday, March 23, 2007

Don't bother reading this post

I am posting another nothing post.
I have nothing to say because I am lazy and don't want to think of something meaningful to say.
I just like having words flowing out from my typing fingers.
It is almost like having a beautiful piece of blank paper and a fresh black pen.
My thoughts always dry up at that point.
The paper and the computer screen look so inviting, but I can't think what to write!
Hence the invention of nothing posts. Because nobody likes to read nothing, and that is frequently what I write.
As I have mentioned before, there is vast quantity of nothing already out here on the web.
I suppose my bit of nothing will not make any difference, because, after all, when you add nothing, nothing changes. Nothing is increased.

Speaking of nothing, this post is actually something. Computers use bits and now I know binary numbers so I know how a computer would be storing this post. Sort of. My ideas of how computers work are rather hazy. But I do know something about binary numbers. I had a lab yesterday where we hooked up a bunch of wires and got four LED's blinking binary numbers from 0 to 15. They looked so pretty.


~Laura~ said...

Hey, that's ok with me... I do so many nothing posts... You would be suprised!!!

Homemanager said...

I like your nothing posts, Kirk. You might not be saying much of anything new but you have a way of expressing "nothing" that seems like "something". LOL! :)