Friday, April 27, 2007


Rain is ...


It get all over my glasses so I can't see anymore and it does its best to get into my eyes as well.
Sometimes the sun is shining while all the sky is gray and rainy. Then one feels like dancing up and down the road. It is nicest when with the rain comes clean smells and wet flowers.
Flowers that appeared from nowhere to join you in the rain. And the winter is done and the spring has begun. And I laugh and throw up my arms to the sky.
And little worms crawl al over the path and squirrels chase squirrels around trees.
And fresh dirt is laid and pansies are planted and bugs fly up in my face.
(no, wait, bugs don't do that in the rain)
And little greens buds turn to little green flowerets and the tops of all the tall trees.

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Danny said...

Wow .... are u a poet !
very nice words .. don't know what to say ... bye the way (bugs do that after the rain) .. lol ..
I love those things so much ... I love Nature very much ....
I hope u visit my blogs ...
| came here through laura's live blog ...
cya .. Danny