Monday, April 16, 2007

SO I was told I had to post something and it had to be about yesterday.........
So, we had a ton of people here yesterday! :) It was fun. We had a time of worship and then we shared a meal together.
One of Kirk's friends from college came too. He biked up here in the rain/snow/slush. He was wet.

Kirk has read 24 books since December 18, 2006. I haven't counted how many I read.
Bethan is the cutest baby in the world! :) I'll post pictures of her sometime. I'm tired.


Kirk said...

Jo! You didn't properly explain about Sunday. You must write a proper post about it some time when you are less tired! :^)

Kirk said...

By the way, Jo, you are probably getting all these comments in your email, since that's the way you set it up. Are you going to post anything at Coranolavolta?

Kirk said...

Hey look!
I'm commenting again!