Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dangers of Blogging: Honor code 4squared + 4

I posted this at the Young Thinker already, but no one visits it, so I thought I'd post it here (to catch some other poor unsuspecting person).

Well my honor is at stake so here is this "tag" from Mr. Notes (you gotta be careful going to his site).

Four Jobs You've Had

1. being a child
2. being a student
3. becoming a woman
4. babysitting

Four Places You've Lived

1. #1 New York
2. #2 New York
3. #3 New York
4. Current New York

Four Vacations You've Taken

1. Wedding in Virginia
2. Visting friends in New Hampshire
3. Wedding in Maryland
4. Day trips to Vermont

Four Vehicles You've Owned

1. A bicycle
2. A little yellow and red car (or was it yours, Jo?)
3. Ice skates?
4. How many teens my age have had any other vehicles!?!?!?

Four Blogs I Visit And Want To Tag

Here is where the honor code part comes. If you are one of the first four bloggers to see this, then I tag you! Be sure to leave a comment, so that later bloggers know that they are home free. Oh yes, I'll visit (at least once).


Jo said...

Hey Kirk, do I have to do this too? I think I was the first one to see this but if I do it, it will be a repeat of yours.

Unconformed said...

i'm sorry, i don't believe in tagging. ;-)