Friday, February 24, 2006

Something New

Just a moment, my little sister wants to write something.

jan and dan can see ted. fun fox dan can go mother wag no wag no. let sam have the ball. jan and sam .

Now back to business. Kirk and I decided to have a vocabulary word every Friday. So that will be my job.
The first word is Occidental. I wouldn't even have heard of this word except that I have been getting a lot of college things and I got one from Occidental College.

Western, of the Occident, its people, or their culture. A native of the Occident, or a member of a people native to that region. Opposed to oriental.
Orient means from the East and Occident means from the West.
The Occident is the countries west of Asia. Specifically, (a) formerly, Europe; (b) now, also, the Western Hemisphere.
So all of us in the Western Hemisphere are Occidental


Homemanager said...

Occidental! or was that Accidental.... :o)

Unconformed said...

how did you change the background for your header? i've been trying to change the pic on mine, and it's driving me nuts. thanks!

Jo said...

I'm not sure how Kirk changed it. I'll have her tell you as soon as possible. :)

Unconformed said...